The Big Picture: Bank of America’s Entire Business

Bank of America's Entire Business
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Bank of America is one of the biggest mortgage providers in the United States

They are highly diversified with holdings in various forms of investment, savings, and loans, and property investing. They have been able to build large profits by offering low rates and attractive terms to their customers. The following paragraphs will discuss what Bank of America offers its customers in the way of commercial finance.

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Bank of America loans to approximately 3 million mortgage borrowers through their many different programs; the second most heavily competing commercial lender behind Wells Fargo. If you are eligible for Bank of America small business loans also known as Bank of American business loans they have some of the lowest rates for new businesses available. They carry a range of lending products such as bridge or start up loans, new business mortgages, refinance refinancing, and owner financing. The loans have a unique real estate offering, which makes them stand out from the crowd. Many real estate developers prefer to apply for a loan from Bank of America due to their long-standing relationships with developers and their need to secure long term funding.

Bank of America has earned a great reputation as one of the home mortgage loans.

. The following sections will provide additional information regarding Bank of America as a provider of home mortgage loans and services. Additionally, there are two class-action lawsuits that have been filed against Bank of America with claims of wrongful treatment and fraud.

In June of 2008 Bank of America was the leading mortgage lender in the United States when it comes to issuance of commercial mortgages. However, by the end of 2008 the mortgage lender was experiencing increased rate declines, and this trend has continued into 2009. Some analysts believe that this is due to underwriting and lending practices being influenced by Washington insiders. Other analysts believe the decline may be related to fluctuating interest rates and home loan programs.

Home mortgage loans in Bank of America are divided into two segments based on their risk management policies. The Interest Only segment is riskier than conventional mortgages as the borrower only pays the interest during the first year of the loan, or the life of the loan if the borrower makes no payments. During the first year, the interest-only payment is the principal loan payment with no interest accrued. During the second year, the interest-only payment is the final principal loan payment with the accrued interest.

Another segment that Bank of America is involved with is warehouse lending.

Warehouse loans are subprime mortgage loans that are issued by Bank of America’s wholesale mortgage lenders. Similar to the retail loans described earlier in this article, warehouse loans are packaged in different forms for different purposes.

Bank of America’s retail loan business is also a large part of its financial portfolio. Commercial mortgages are mainly used to finance residential mortgages.

The final segment of Bank of America’s business is its servicing business. The servicing business basically handles the entire process from origination through closing, servicing, and settlement of loans. It is Bank of America’s largest customer and has generated over half of its revenues in the last decade.